Testimonials for Shiraz

Noura Constantine | Head HR – Middle East (6 countries) | Standard Chartered Bank Jordan

I was really lucky to partner with Shiraz as my Coach in my development journey; Shiraz is a resourceful and inspiring Coach who helped me to unleash and resolve some of the personal and professional challenges by raising my self awareness and getting to the heart of the matters in discussion. He is an incredible listener and effective communicator; his passion is clearly illustrated in all his interactions. He asks powerful questions to provoke the thinking and help the coachee move towards the desired outcome and generate new ideas.

Joel Keh | CFCC, Assurance, ASA | Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

I was facing at work re motivation and communication issues my staff is experiencing. To that end, Shiraz has shared some leadership thoughts and encouraged me to set and defined what is leadership, and to discover what leadership brand and image I have and what leadership brand and image I would like to have. This forms part of my goal setting.

Tanmi Haque | Executive Director, Head of Priority & NRB | Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh

Shiraz is a a good listener. He has a talent for  bringing out the right questions during conversations. And importantly, he is unafraid of calling out the truth. Having him as my coach has been a worthwhile and revealing experience for me. I really valued using him as a sounding board, and Shiraz always provided the comfort level necessary for genuine honest discussions.

Bui Thi Trang | Senior Manager, Fiduciary & Fund Services | Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam

I sincerely appreciate how Shiraz guided me to discover more about myself. The way he helped me to realize more about my thoughts, my actions was so meaningful. This will make a profound impact on my professional development and I can’t feel more grateful about this opportunity. Hope we can have more opportunities to work with each other in near future.

Husam Khalid | Director, Control & Governance, IMO MENAP | Standard Chartered Bank UAE

Shiraz helped me as a coach during the year 2019-20. over the course 12 months he gave me a new perspective on how to look at things, he brought out skills which I was not fully utilizing and helped me to grow as a leader. I used him as a sounding board to share ideas and thoughts and would get constructive feedback which helped me to improve. I would rate Shiraz very highly as a coach and would like to add that he connect with people very easily which is a rare skill to have.

Vera Zhan | Executive Principal & Head China Network Corridor | Standard Chartered Bank East Africa

I am grateful for the 10 month coaching journey I have with Shiraz. We have a trust relationship. He always listened very attentively and asked powerful questions. The questions he asked remove the mental block I have. The questions he asked helps me to get clear on my purpose and most important on what I need to change to achieve my purpose. He will be a great coach to have for your leadership and personal journey!

Kudakwashe Ncube | Deputy Director Financial Intelligence Unit | Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe

Thank you Shiraz, This is just a note to say thank you for the coaching sessions we have had as part of the AME Accelerator program. At onset of the program my goal was to break into a C -Suite role and the insights you provided have put in good stead for my career aspiration to materialize. During the intervening period I was successfully interviewed for a role that has cleared my path for a C-Suite role. Your feedback and probing questions enabled me to step up and most importantly allowed me to clearly define my leadership brand before and after the interview process

Syed Ejaz Alam | Financial controller | Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Thank you Shiraz! Thank you for “VUCA”; Thank you for “sharpening the saw”; Thank you for “why, what and how of change”; Thank you for “see the future, articulate the future and shape the future”, and I can keep going on….. It was truly an enriching journey. For probably the first time I was forced to reflect within. I am positive that the thoughts and ideas you ever so gently hammered in; will help shape a more successful me.

Ali Haider Zaidi | Country Head, Global Corporates | Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

I must acknowledge that Shiraz is a very effective coach as he possess all possible ingredients to impact the critical thinking of his coachee. He exactly know where to intervene during the coaching conversation to extract the maximum out of the coachee to help him / her understand and design their leadership brand. it’s been great learning during the 8 sessions that I have taken from Shiraz during the prestigious Global Talent Accelerator Program of the Standard Chartered Bank. Will ensure to remain in touch. Best wishes!

Muhammad Farhan Qazi | Head HR | Dollar Industries Pakistan

Shiraz is passionate, determined, dedicated and proactive professional. His energy leads his brilliant work and makes him win the race of vitality. Working with Shiraz was a truly excellent experience. He makes sure to guide you just enough so that work gets done and at the same time you learn a lot. His understanding of Training & Development is very strong. He brings his own personal energy to each training workshop and transmits it to the audience and the audience is as motivated as Shiraz himself. His never ending energy is the key denominating factor in his personality both personally and professionally.

Syed Zeeshan Jilani | Head HR | Herbion International

I recently had the good fortune to attend a class at NED University facilitated by Mr. Shiraz. The subject was presentation skills and how they can be used effectively by HR people. The session was excellent. It was well balanced with Shiraz presenting information about the building and uses of presentation skills coupled with hands-on exercises which reinforced the learning. Shiraz’s expertise as a facilitator was evident as he made time for our questions and ensured that we were comfortable with the tools and techniques.

Arnab Bhattacharjee | Process Optimization & Automation COE | Standard Chartered Bank India

It was wonderful connecting with Shiraz and talking to him on various professional challenges, and his insights were eye opener in most of the cases which pushed me to rethink on lot of issues which I felt I knew all this while.

Muhammad Farhan | Data Annotator | Keep Truckin

Shiraz Ahmed possesses all the skills needed to succeed and the personality to boot. With his skill, he’s able to predict students’ questions before they are actually asked. He has coached me on several career opportunities and his insight is always dead on. Shiraz Ahmed also is a career mentor to me. If you have an opportunity to be coached by him, you will be inspired to change your life for the best

Asad Altaf | Executive Director, Commercial Banking | Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Shiraz’s coaching is practical and relevant which is generally difficult to find when you attend such leadership training. He pick up thoughts very quickly and make other think as well. I can relate it to a game of hockey where you start building up momentum from “D” and hit the goal by connecting team mates and dribbling / dodging obstacles and competition. Shiraz, do not allow the player to drop the ball, rather inject energy and confidence to achieve the goal

Farhan Ahmed | Head External Communication & Public Affairs | Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Shiraz, is one of the best professional / executive coach in Pakistan. I am proud that I have been coached by him in my leadership journey! I learnt the art of self analysis and evaluation which has given me a deeper insight into my capabilities.

Testimonials for Saqib

Steve Muylle | Professor and Partner at Vlerick Business School | Academic Director Online MBA | Ghent Metropolitan Area 

It was a pleasure working with Saqib during the delivery of the Vlerick Business School Digital Strategy program at ELM in Riyadh. Saqib is a dedicated professional with a deep understanding of learning and development. Not only does he identify appropriate learning content, he also does a great job facilitating the learning journeys of the talents in and outside the classroom. I highly recommend his L&D skill sets and services.

Adey Zaghab | Director – Middle East, Africa & Turkey | Eruditus Executive Education | UAE

I have interacted with Saqib for a number of months and always found our discussions to be super exciting, structured, and intellectual Saqib brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the Talent Management arena. He has proven experience in constructing impactful leadership development journey’s and his appetite for learning is endless.

Emrah Eren | Director, Global Markets | HRSG, Canada.

It has been a distinctive pleasure and privilege working with Saqib on a number of competency-based management projects over the past few years. Saqib is a seasoned HR & Learning Professional who possesses strong leadership skills, is results oriented, and conscientious. For example, during one of our project collaborations Saqib was very proactive in recommending alternate courses of action when we encountered obstacles or project related challenges. He is never discouraged and always delivers as promised. Finally, if you are a friend of Saqib’s or follow him on LinkedIn, you will know that he is an avid learner who is always willing to share his expertise with others. I would recommend Saqib without hesitation.

Shaun Sayers | Managing Director, Capable People | Castle Eden, England, United Kingdom  

I met Saqib during a spell of trainer training that I delivered in Karachi in October 2009. Saqib was one of the participants. During that time, I was impressed with Saqib. He seemed an intelligent person with an engaging personality, and a balanced point of view. I suspect he will ultimately do well in his career, as he possesses a number of positive personal characteristics that should serve him and his customers well.