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Welcome to coachon

Are you living a Significant life? If NO, then you have landed at right place! Life is NOT about make money, get glory and die. The biggest challenge in our life is to explore and achieve Success . COAHON is a Gen-Y coaching and learning firm, which aims to help individuals to explore, define and achieve their Success and Impact path!

To Inspire People to Live an Impactful Life

Our Coaches Affiliations and Certifications

Our Work
We help people to accelerate change through Coaching and Training

Our Team

Kashif Khan | Cofounder | DMD Abwab Capital

Kashif khan was a seasonal banker; he has done MBA from the Oxford University. He is the President of PEOPLE. Kashif Khan is a seasoned investment banking professional with more than two decades of experience.

Aisha Vohra : Cofounder and COO

Aisha is the Co-founder and COO of Coachon! She is an entrepreneur and aspiring future leader! She is studying Bachelors in Business Administration in a leading business school. She is content writer and web developer as well.

Sakina Vohra : Cofounder and Associate Coach

Sakina has completed MBA from the London Business School and have formerly worked at Javed Omer Vohra & Company Ltd. She is the co-founder of Women’s Investment Forum (an educational platform to create financial independence) amongst women in Pakistan.

Shiraz Ahmed : Executive Coach

Shiraz is an ICF certified coach (ACC), Faculty and Leadership Development Facilitator. He has been trained by CIRRUS, Mercer-Oliverwyman, IFC-Business Edge & British Council. Shiraz has trained and coached Hi-potential leaders and Future-CEOs from fortune-500 Company from ASA, APAC and MENA regions.

Saqib Mansoor : Associate Coach

Saqib is a seasoned HR professional with over 25 years of diversified experience in Financial Services, Shipping, Education, Pharmaceutical, Material Recycling, FMCG and IT in leading roles both locally and internationally.

Our Approach

We Collaborate with people to explore
Potential and Perform BEST!

Work Gallery


Noura Constantine | Head HR – Middle East (6 countries) | Standard Chartered Bank Jordan

I was really lucky to partner with Shiraz as my Coach in my development journey; Shiraz is a resourceful and inspiring Coach who helped me to unleash and resolve some of the personal and professional challenges by raising my self awareness and getting to the heart of the matters in discussion. He is an incredible listener and effective communicator; his passion is clearly illustrated in all his interactions. He asks powerful questions to provoke the thinking and help the coachee move towards the desired outcome and generate new ideas.

Tanmi Haque | Executive Director, Head of Priority & NRB | Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh

Shiraz is a a good listener. He has a talent for  bringing out the right questions during conversations. And importantly, he is unafraid of calling out the truth. Having him as my coach has been a worthwhile and revealing experience for me. I really valued using him as a sounding board, and Shiraz always provided the comfort level necessary for genuine honest discussions

Vera Zhan | Executive Principal & Head China Network Corridor | Standard Chartered Bank East Africa

I am grateful for the 10 month coaching journey I have with Shiraz. We have a trust relationship. He always listened very attentively and asked powerful questions. The questions he asked remove the mental block I have. The questions he asked helps me to get clear on my purpose and most important on what I need to change to achieve my purpose. He will be a great coach to have for your leadership and personal journey!

Joel Keh | CFCC, Assurance, ASA | Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

I was facing at work re motivation and communication issues my staff is experiencing. To that end, Shiraz has shared some leadership thoughts and encouraged me to set and defined what is leadership, and to discover what leadership brand and image I have and what leadership brand and image I would like to have. This forms part of my goal setting.

Daniel Stewart | President | Stewart Leadership, USA

 I had the privilege of certifying Saqib in the acclaimed LEAD NOW! Model. As I worked with Saqib over several weeks, I was so impressed with his deep understanding and passion for developing leaders. He is personable, bright, experienced, adaptable, and always has great ideas to improve teams and organizations.

Maciej Piela | Strategic Organizational & Development Manager | ALMARAI Company, Saudi Arabia

I had an opportunity to work with Saqib for almost a year. He presents these interesting type of expertise where you may discuss and challenge the subject in the same time trying to find the best solution for your problem. Saqib knows very well L&D global trends and solutions as well as local (Gulf) market requirements and needs. His knowledge and experience make him very valuable HR/L&D manager. 

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