Future Leadership

Business leadership conference was held at Movenpick Hotel on 16th of August. The Conference was attended by many successful Business personnel in which one of the great personality Mr. Shazad G. Dada, CEO Standard Chartered spoke at this event.
Mr. Dada, while speaking about future of business & leadership quoted the example of amazon company which was initially an online bookstore then diversified to electronic commerce and cloud computing company.

He emphasized the importance of change which is the key to navigate in this dynamic world. He also advised to prepare to join hands even with your competitors to survive in this dynamic business environment and also to build emotional ties with your customers.
He emphasized to young soul that there is no shortcuts. Nothing is going to happen overnight it takes time, courage & hard work. This can only be done through the quality of leadership.  
Educational initiatives have to become far more customized and tightly integrated with the organization’s strategic agenda; their aim will be to build leadership capabilities while simultaneously facilitating progress towards critical strategic objectives.
Session continued enthusiastically grabbing everyone’s attention towards him and his charismatic style. His emphasis was more on how to deal with customers, the people from diversified cultures and how to be more flexible towards your work. Whatever task the individual choose he should think out of the box and indulge oneself within the roots of the task he is performing.
The situation can become worst but the great leader should know how to deal with it and come up with the solution. The person should be fluent in decision making, at the same time flexible and should also focus on customer service.
Organizations today face a dynamic business climate with a shrinking pool of qualified talent. To stay ahead of the rapid pace of change, organizations must proactively assess, plan, develop and deploy talent to assume leadership and pivotal roles.
Mr. Dada ended with a note that don’t take shortcuts, please be decent because this is the world of opportunities & future leaders.  He concluded by saying that, 
“Join hands even with your competitor.”