Executive Coaching

A recent study by Gallup and DDI indicated that one of the top 5 concerns of Leading CEOs is Employee Engagement (EE). What is Engagement? Employees are engaged when people:

  • Physically, cognitively and emotionally involved at work
  • Increase productivity with the same resources
  • Give their BEST Performance at work!

The engaged employees were found to be more productive, thus increasing the profitability of the organization up to $86 million every year. These employees usually:

  • Have low absenteeism, turnover, Fewer accidents and downtime with machines
  • Fewer grievances and complaints with their employers
  • Have Happiness and Satisfaction with resources and salaries

The cost of high disengagement is a serious concern for CEOs and Employers. A study by Gallup indicated that Singaporean employers lose $30 billion and the USA economy $3 trillion every year. Imagine this cost for Pakistan Economy!

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