Entrepreneurial Leadership

Business Leaders Conference held at Movenpick Hotel, August 2017. It is founded by Mr. Shiraz Ahmed.  Mr. Kashif Khan, co-founder Abwab capital Dubai, spoke on the topic of “Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset”.

He said that Few years back, people used to find for jobs in well-reputed organizations after the completion of their degrees. But not a paradigm shift related to entrepreneurship has been observed that people are more interested to become an entrepreneur. Many people are seen coming with new, innovative and creative ideas.

This is why the responsibility of a leader in an organization has changed into developing his employee’s vision and transforming his mindset regarding entrepreneurship.

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset is an important piece in the future of business world. That
mindset is drawn to new opportunities and challenges, embracing change, risk taking, pursuing
initiatives, taking action determinedly, seeing the big picture and focusing on what matters the most.
Ways of working like an entrepreneur are becoming more important, not just for small startups, but for large corporations as well.

To survive and thrive in unstable business conditions, organizations large and small, new and established need to develop and sustain an entrepreneurial mindset in their employees and foster entrepreneurial culture in the organizations.

This can be done through the quality of leadership. The key to create an entrepreneurial mindset among the employees is when an organization is considered as a community based on relationships.

A majorshift in performance, innovation and engagement happens when a critical mass of individuals in an organization move from traditional management. The leading mindset among employees becomesenthusiastic and the organizational culture becomes collaborative. Leaders distribute the power and authority, a strong teamwork spirit is seen and employees feel passionate and purposeful about their job.

In this way the employees are empowered to think of new services, new technologies, new ways of
working, within a collaborative environment, to help their customer. Once the employees reach this
level, their individual mindsets become limitless. Now, these employees start thinking out of the box
and amazing innovations materialize. At this level, companies experience more innovation, value
creation and better engagement, and here the entrepreneurial mindsets boom.

In the end, Mr. Kashif Khan said that the basic aspects of being an entrepreneur are unity, faith and
discipline. He further said hat learning from failure, having a passion and continuous effort are the main qualities of an entrepreneur.