CEO SEARLE – Syed Nadeem Ahmed

What is success to you?

Success is relative! To me it’s not about making and collecting money, but it’s all about developing new opportunities and following your passion.

What if you are passionate for something and there is no money?

Money will come automatically, if you are putting your 100%; it will be definitely there.

What is the key to your success and career?

Luck and hard work

What % do you like to give to both factors?

NA: Luck = 80% and hard work = 20%

What’s your say on Leadership?

It can’t be taught! It is gifted. May be business schools can polish your talent but can’t create leaders. I think, I am blessed!

What your view on Leader’s role?

Support team, distribute credit, good teacher and have courage to take failures of team

Essential or must skills for every leader?

Honesty, motivator and courageous decision maker.

Have you ever failed in life?

I mostly failed! Launched so many products & Projects but only few got successful.

Why leaders fail?

Overconfidence and Arrogance

What’s your view on work-life balance?

I don’t have a balance life; I have to work a lot