CEO Habib Metro Bank: Mr. SirajUddin Aziz

What is your mantra for success?

If I were to give you in a single word. Then it would be you know sincerity and truthfulness. If these two things are prevalent in your policy-making, if these two things are prevalent in your day to day interactions, with the market forces, and with the in-house forces, then it is very unlikely that you would go wrong. It is only when you are insincere in your objectives, or not fully keeping everything on the deck and only showing what is necessary to be seen at this point, hiding and masking, that will come forth later.

What is the role of a leader?

The role of a leader is to be providing directional leadership. The results are the outcome of the production that the team makes. So what the leader does is that he shows a promise, he shows a dream, and he indicates the alternative pathways to arrive at a given destination in point at a predetermined timeline. A good leader, once having done that, has been shown what the destination is that during the course of this timeline now, he does a continuous follow-up and enough mechanisms of feedback to know how the infantry or army of people is responding to the call of moving in that direction.

How do you define leadership?

A leader in my view is a person whose views are acceptable to followers. When I use the word views, you can convert the word views into vision, you can convert into mission or objectives. Because I believe that to be a leader, you cannot be a leader in isolation. I cannot be a leader on my own self. For being a leader I need to have one more person. So I can be of two, I can be a leader. If you do not have followers, you cannot be a leader.

What are you passionate for?

I’m very passionate about everything I do. Because it’s only passion that can drive me, and nothing else can drive me. If I don’t have the passion, I won’t do it. Every individual is different. Some people imbibe passion while others’ passion is internal generation. So everything that I do is because I believe I’m a very passionate person. As a person I’m passionate.

What are your values in life and business leadership?

For my life, there’s only one value which is, I shouldn’t be doing anything in life that would upset the soul of my father. And if I’m able to do that then I would consider my life successful, even if nobody remembers me.  In business leadership, I have to be a concerned individual. I cannot be a detached leader; I have to be an involved leader.

Your message for youngsters?

Begin with by being a good follower to your parents and when you become a good follower try to become a leader in your house and try to be accepted being a leader in your home, and if you’re accepted as a leader in your home only then aspire to become a leader outside elsewhere.